SIMC Property Management Group Rebrands as Valiant Residential

DALLAS, May 7, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- SIMC Property Management Group, one of the largest and most established property management firms in Dallas, has rebranded and is now known as Valiant Enterprises under the trade names Valiant Residential and Valiant Commercial. The announcement comes amid rapid growth for the award-winning, Dallas-based company, which includes an expansion into commercial real estate, the launch of the company's rebranded website,, and recognition from The Dallas Morning News as a "100 Best Places to Work." Valiant currently oversees more than 35 multi-family communities in Dallas-Fort Worth – in excess of 9,500 units. Valiant Residential's portfolio is diverse with value-add assets to new Class A developments, along with mixed-use developments.

"We wanted a name that spoke to our industry strength and our ongoing commitment to adopting new and bold initiatives that benefit our clients," said Craig Lashley, Valiant Residential president. "We have a 30-plus year legacy that's been built on staying ahead of market changes and residents' demands. North Texas' lessees are increasingly more sophisticated, and we know that for a property to remain competitive it not only has to have the amenities and features residents expect, but also have superior oversight and state-of-the-art technology."

Valiant Residential was originally founded in 1974 in Dallas and has solely concentrated on the DFW market. While the company's focus has always been property management, it shifted in 2014 to specifically third-party property management due to ongoing industry needs. Therefore, the company's new name, Valiant Residential, more accurately represents its mission than does its previous name, SIMC (Settlement Investments Management Corporation).

"As Valiant Residential, we will continue to differentiate ourselves in several ways," said Todd Parks, vice president. "Some of the best practices come from industries outside of the historical property management. To meet the changing demands, Valiant recruits leadership from outside of property management, in addition to having industry veterans on our team. We're embracing that best-in-class customer service and constantly evolving with the best resident experiences such as quality events and modern conveniences wherever we can and online platforms.

"Valiant's business model also relies heavily on more-than-adequate staffing," Parks added. "Our regional supervisors typically oversee four to seven properties in a tight geographic area compared to most competitors' 15 to 30 geographically spread-out properties." 

In addition, Valiant leverages the latest technology to make clients', residents' and potential residents' experiences as rich as possible with the use of 3-D video tours, online rent payment platforms, in-house resident services, in-house online reputation management services and transparent pricing models for clients that eliminate upcharges known in the industry as "billing back."

Among Valiant Residential's other differentiators is its commitment to nonprofit works through a dedicated program, Valiant Cares, which supports organizations such as The Rise School of Dallas, Toys for Tots and the Chase Parks Foundation. 

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About Valiant
Valiant Residential is a Dallas-based, full-service property management firm that has ranked among the top 10 in its region. Formerly known as SIMC Property Management, the company's founding reaches back to 1974. Its more than 180 employees serve more than 35 multi-family residential communities and oversee more than 9,500 individual units throughout North Texas. Learn more at

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